About Us

About Us


Prema is a company that provides services through its team of over 20 years. Our services means acting in order to provide value to our customers and this is the essence of our business! Through our services, we constantly add new products and innovative services and re-evaluate the significance of the idea of value in the field of the construction materials.

About Prema


"It will always be willingness of people to have acces to superiour services , leading generally to the improve the quality of life"




"Our responsability is to revolutionize the way in offering such services and to be known by the world. It is our statement to the world: PREMA will always be the first."


  1. Integrity – We do what we say
  2. Responsability 100% - We have the responsability to provide superiour services to our customers from the first contact and every time thereafter
  3. Authenticity – The conduct of our company is a natural, free and honest one
  4. Excellence - We want to provide value to our personnel and customers, thereby enhancing their own value.
Our values